Established in 2008 by industry veterans, Business Driven Network Services is guided by not only our name, but also by our tag line your business IS our business.

We believe firmly that it is not possible to provide your organisation with quality solutions and services without first taking the time to understand the nature of your business, and the issues which are specific to you.  It is through this understanding that we are able to craft custom solutions that fit not only your budget, but also the operational needs of your organisation.

One-size-fits-all is not a concept that one should ever apply to the solutions and services that are critical to the operation of any business.  No two businesses share the same operational and business continuity needs, and as such, no single solution will fit them both.

Our staff sits at the heart of our organisation.  BDNS is fortunate to have in our employ some the most highly skilled, experienced and passionate individuals in the industry.  These include a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and other such certified individuals specialising in Networking, Security, Optimisation and Systems Management solutions.

We also have a Helpdesk manned by technical specialists.  Depending on your needs, they are able to identify, isolate and remediate issues remotely in a very short space of time.  We currently resolve in excess of 90% of our customers’ problem remotely within two hours.

Our solutions and services centre on specific infrastructure technologies and products, briefly, these include:

  • Networking – Local Area Networking, Wide Area Networking, Wireless LAN and other networking technologies.  We primarily base our solutions and services on products from the following vendors: Cisco Systems, HP Networking/3Com and Proxim.  To ensure that our solutions are bullet-proof, we do not make use of non-enterprise products aimed at the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) environments.  All of our solutions are based on managed, best-of-breed product sets.
  • Security – BDNS has enjoyed immense success in the design, implementation and management of complex perimeter security solutions based on products from: Cisco Systems (ASA5xxx Firewalls) and Palo Alto (Next Generation Firewalls).  Our security solutions are based on industry best practice, and we pride ourselves in ensuring that “holes” do not appear in the network simply because it’s convenient, or easy to do so to overcome connectivity challenges.  We also firmly believe that security without management and oversight is of little value, hence our drive to provide managed security services to our customers.
  • Optimisation – BDNS is proud to be associated exclusively with Exinda. Exinda delivers innovative WAN Optimization and Network Control solutions to mid-sized enterprises and institutions around the world.  BDNS has had enormous success in the acceleration of business-to-business WAN links, as well as with the deployment of Internet EdgeCache and Quality of Service solutions, particularly in schools.  Our optimisation services cover the entire implementation lifecycle, from consulting through deployment, and continuous support and maintenance.  Optimisation is an area of networking that requires absolute attention the customer’s business needs and operational requirements.  It is not possible to deploy and manage such a solution without a close relationship between the business and the technology provider.
  • Systems Management – BDNS has invested and extensive amount of time and capital in selecting, developing and customising management systems that cover the entire spectrum of IT technology management.  Our cloud-based and standalone solutions offer outstanding visibility to our customers, thereby ensuring the best possible business continuity through proactive response to events.

BDNS aims to engender relationships with our customers that are not simply customer/provider relationships, but rather a partnership where your business REALLY IS our business.

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